Weisestr. 24
12049 Berlin-Neukölln
U8 Boddinstr. – Leinestr.


3 DAYS WORKSHOP OF MUSIC with Tristan Honsinger
10 – 11- 12 März 2011 / 15.00 – 18.00 h

“I am your guide to investigate the possibilities of improvisation in a group using strategies such us using text and musical and visual signs to discover the importance of the individual and his or her way to become part of ensemble work in the many approches to become one in sound silence and movement.

This music workshop is open to any level of competence just as long as you are coming to experience the unknown throught your openess to what is within and what is outside.”

Vibration. Concentration. Awareness. Humility. Compassion.

Thank you
Tristan Honsinger

Time duration: 3 hours each day
Limit of 10 people or less
Cost: €45

Infos: 0176 7744 9035
debrakadebra (at) gmail (dot) com


Di 1. März – 20.00 h Literature live “Ein Abend mit Edgar Allan Poe”

Mi 2. März – 20.30 h Impro
Ricardo Tejero, saxophone, clarinet / Julian Bonequi, drums and voice

Do 3. März – 20.30 h Impro
Paul Schwingenschloegl, trumpete / Zam Johnson, drums /Hilary Jeffery, trombone

Fr 4. März – 20.30 h Impro
Camila Barratt Due, accordion voices, electronics (Norway) / Marc Lohr, drums and electronisc (Luxembourg) /

Sa 5. März – 20.30 h Concert “Oljonek” Jazz
Olaf Rupp, guitarre / Oel Jennessen, drums / Rudy Mahall, bass clarinett

So 6. März – 19.00 h SOWIEKINO
Guy Maddin´s film “COWARDS BEND THE KNEE”

Michael Thieke, clarinett / Tristan Honsinger, cello / Antonio Borghini, doublebass

Mi 9. März – 20.30 h Concert “Rue Lascar” swing, chansons

Do 10. März – 20.30 h Concert “Amrand” singer, song, writing, folk

Fr 11. März – 20.30 h Concert “Iquadro” blues, psychedelic, religios

Sa 12. März – 20.30 h Concert “The yellow polka dot racing car snuffler”
Dave Bennett, gitarre / Tyson Naylor, accordion / Anat Cohavi, clarinette / Mathias Müller, posaune / Miles Perkin, contrabass / Special Guest, special guest instrument
Mit Solo-Vorprogramm.

So 13 März – 17.00 bis 19.00 h “Certain Sundays” at salon at Sowieso
(In Kooperation mit Jour fixe der Berliner Geselischaft fur Neue Musik)

Robin Hayward, on the microtonal tuba / Catherine Christer Hennix, interpretation or expansion: the intrinsic problems of stockhausen’s intuitive musik / Oliver Schneller, adventures in the pitch continuum

Mo 14. März – 20.00 h Literature live “Ein Abend mit Edgar Allan Poe”

Mi 16. März – 20.30 h Concert “Lea W Frey trio” vocal, jazz
Lea W Frey, vocal / Peter Meyer, guitarre / Bernhard Meyer, bass

Do 17. März – 20.30 h Concert “Wynton Kelly Stevenson ” blues, experimental, hip hop

Fr 18. März – 20.30 h DOPPEL KONZERT
Alessandro Bosetti: electronics, voice / Mikaele Pellegrino: electric guitar / Mat Pogo: voice, electronics
Andrea Sanz Vela: viola / Tristan Honsinger: cello / Antonio Borghini: double bass

Sa 19. März – 20.30 h Concert Das “Motzkau-Kanzler Quartett” jazz
Friederike Motzkau: querflote / Karl-Erik Enkelmann: bass / Christian Tschunggnall: schlagzeug / Simon Kanzler: vibraphon

Mi 23. März – 20.30 h Concert “Tatsumi” experimental, noise (Lounge/Pop/Soul)

Do 24. März – 20.30 h Impro “Two basses are better than one.”
Matthias Bauer: double bass / Roberto Bellatalla: double bass / Alex Petrassi Pierotti: Amplified objects, Theremin

Fr 25. März – 20.30 h Impro

Sa 26. März – 20.30 h Concert “Takashi Wada Trio” free jazz

Mi 30 März – 20.30 h Concert “Judith Goldbach Quartet” jazz

Do 31 März – 20.30 h Concert impro jazz
Anna Kaluza, saxophone / Jan Roder, bass / Kay Lubke, drums /……., trompete