Mi 4.Juni 20.30h – Concert Impro
Klara Li (Singing, Waterglassmusic), Zam Johnson percussion (Guitar, Toys)
Thomas Kumlehn (Flute, Voice), Bodo Kotsch (Double Bass, Rabeca)
www.klarali.de || www.zamjohnson.com

Do 5.Juni 20.30h – Concert Impro
Frank Gratkowski (Alto sax, Clarinet, Bass Clarinet)
Toby Delius (Tenor Sax, Clarinet), Sebastiano Tramontana (Trombone)

Fr 6.Juni 20.30h – Concert Impro
Tobias Delius (Tenor Sax, Clarinet)
Anil Eraslan (Cello / TURKEY)

Sa 7.Juni 20.30h – Concert Impro
Axel Dörner (Trumpet)
Anil Eraslan (Cello / TURKEY)

Mi 11.Juni 20.30h – Concert Impro
Susana Santos (Trumpet), Antonio Borghini (Double Bass)
Charly Birkenhauer (Vibraphone), Kasper Tom (Drums)

Do 12.Juni 20.30h – Concert Impro
Tobias Delius (Tenor Sax, Clarinet),Charly Birkenhauer (Vibraphone)
Adam Pultz Melbye (Double Bass), Kasper Tom (Drums)

Fr 13. Juni 20.30h – Concert Impro
Chris Heenan (Alto Sax, Contrabass Clarinet)
Tristan Honsinger (Cello), Sven Äke Johansson (drums)

Sa 14. Juni 20.30h – Concert Impro
Axel Dörner (Trumpet), Chris Heenan (Alto Sax, Contrabass Clarinet)
Sven Äke Johansson (drums)

So 15.Juni 17.00-19:00h “Certain Sundays” a Salon at Sowieso
(In Kooperation mit Jour fixe der Berliner Geselischaft für Neue Musik)

“A’n B” and “Four Dances”

Listening to the Ether

Two Grandes Dames of experimental music and sound art share recent work. Dutch composer and violist Ig Henneman discusses two new compositions for harp and marimba and improvising sextet, and first-generation sound artist Christina Kubisch speaks about her long-term work with electromagnetic induction.

Certain Sundays is an experimental music and sound salon curated by Chris Heenan and Christopher Williams. Artists perform, converse with the audience, share recordings, videos and scores, and/or interact with the public in other unique ways.

Kaffee und Kuchen served, conversation encouraged.

Eintritt: 5€

Mi 18.Juni 20.30h – Concert Impro
1st set – 3 SOLOS
Rui Faustino (Drums) – Solo
Andreas Staffel (Piano) – Solo
Julius Holtz (Turntable, Electronics) – Solo

2nd set
Andreas Staffel (Piano),
Rui Faustino (Drums)
Julius Holtz (Turntable, Electronics)

Do 19.Juni 20.30h – Concert Impro
Christo Thewes (Trombone), Martin “Schmiddi” Schmidt (Mandolin)
Jan Roder (Double Bass), Oli Steidle (Drums)

Fr 20.Juni 20.30h – Concert Impro

Sa 21.Juni 20.30h – Concert Impro
Daniel Stetich (Accordion – US), Pablo Castagnola (Guitar – ARG),
Simon Houghton (Double Bass – UK)

Mi 25. Juni 20.30h – Concert Impro
“DER LANGE SCHATTEN” – cd release party!
Michael Thieke (Clarinet), Havard Wiik (Piano)
Antonio Borghini (Double Bass)

Do 26.Juni 20.30h – Concert Impro
Havard Wiik (Piano), Antonio Borghini (Double Bass)
Steve Heather (Drums)

Fr 27.Juni 20.30h – Concert Impro
“WISSEL&NIES” ‘Corpus Callosum’
Georg Wissel (Prepared Saxophon a.o.)
Joker Nies (Custom made electronic instruments)
+ Guest (2nd set)
Liz Albee (Trumpet)
http://soundcloud.com/wissel-nies/sets || www.handaxe.org/

Sa 28.Juni 20.30h – Concert Country Music