Three days Workshop of Music, Theater and Movement
with Tristan Honsinger
6 – 7 – 8 June 2013 / 15.00 – 18.00h

“I am your guide to investigate the possibilities of improvisation in a group using
strategies with text, musical and visual signs to discover the importance
of the individual and his or her way to become part of ensemble work
in sound silence and movement.

This workshop is open to any level of competence using writing, theater, image,
movement and music as a way to investigate the total possibility of live performance.”

Vibration. Concentration. Awareness. Humility. Compassion
Thank you

Tristan Honsinger

Time duration: 3 hours each day
Limit of ten people or less
Cost: €45

+4917669338064 – +4915772879965
debrakadebra (at) gmail (dot) com


Di 4.June 20.30h – Concert Impro
Shin’ichi Isohata (Guitar), Mikaele Pellegrino (Guitar)
Yuki Maegaki (Koto), Lothar Ohlmeier (Clarinet)
Chino (Piano), Rieko Okuda (Piano), Antti Virtaranta (Bass)

Mi 5.Juni 20.30h – Concert Impro
Jorit Dijkstra (Alto sax, Lyricon), Jeb Bishop (Trombone)
Haavard Wiik (Piano), Clayton Thomas (Double Bass)
John Hollenbeck (Drums), Johannes Bauer (Trombone)

Do 6.Juni 20.30h – Concert Impro
Anat Cohavi (Clarinet, Bass Clarinet), Mikaele Pellegrino (Guitar)
Hannes Lingens (Drums)

Fr 7.Juni 20.30h – Concert Impro
Chris Heenan (Alto Sax, Bass Clarinet), Matthias Müller (Trombone)
Clayton Thomas (Double Bass), Steve Heather (Drums)

Sa 8.Juni 20.30h – Concert Singer/Songwriter
“COURAGE + CRAFT” – Cd Release Party

So 9.Juni 20.30h – Concert Impro
Paul Roth (Sax), Hilary Jeffrey (Trombone)
Benjamin Duboc (Bass), Hannes Lingens (Percussion)

Mi 12.Juni 20.30h – Concert Impro
Henrikl Walsdorff (Sax), Gerhard Gschlössl (Trombone)
Martin High de Prime (Piano), Jan Roder (Double Bass)
Kay Lübke (Drums)
www.real-latinos.de || www.uckermark-jazzfest.de

Do 13.Juni 20.30h – Concert Impro
Hilary Jeffrey (Trombone), Antonio Borghini (Double Bass)
Tristan Honsinger (Cello), Oli Steidle (Drums)
Olaf Rupp (Guitar), Joseph Williamson (Bass)
Tony Buck (Drums)

Fr 14.Juni 20.30h – Concert Impro

Sa 15.Juni 20.30h – Concert Impro
Amine Mesnaoui (Piano), Jan Roder (Bass)
Max Andrzewjeski (Drums)

So 16.Juni 20.30h – Concert Impro
Connie Bauer (trombone), Miriam Siebenstädt (Sax)
Tuia Cherici (Objects, Camera, Real-time Cinema)
CD Release Concert of
“Fat Cat and Drunk Mouse”
Lin Hui-Chun (Cello), Masahiko Ueji (Piano)

Di 18.Juni 20.30h – Concert Impro
Cris X/Cristiano Luciani (Electronics),
Bhagavan David (Field Recordings, Turntable)
Juan Hasegawa/Juan likes acid band (Electronics)

Mi 19.Juni 20.30h – Concert Impro
Felix Wahnschaffe (Alto sax), Rudi Mahall (Bass Clarinet)
Johannes Fink (Bass), Moritz Baumgärtner (Drums)

Do 20.Juni 20.30h – Concert Impro
Katsura Yamauchi (Saxophone)

Katsura Yamauchi (Saxophone) ||
Seiji Morimoto (Electronics)
http://salmosax.com/ || http://www.seijimorimoto.com/

Fr 21.Juni 20.30h
– Concert Impro
Charly Birkenhauer (Vibes), Bastian Duncker (Alto Sax)
Christine Börsch-Supan (Voice), Antonio Borghini (Bass)
Lucia Martinez (Drums)

Sa 22.Juni 20.30h – Concert Impro
Chris Abrahams (Piano), Mike Majkowski (Double Bass)
James Waples (Drums)

So 23.Juni 20.30h
– Concert Impro
Huegues Vincent (Cello), Frantz Loriot (Viola)
Yuko Oshima (Drums)

Di 25.Juni 20.30h – Concert Impro
Philipp Gropper (Tenor Sax), Antonis Anissegos (Piano)
Clayton Thomas (Doble Bass), Max Andrejewski (Drums)

Mi 26.Juni 20.30h – Concert Impro

Do 27.Juni 20.30h
– Concert Impro
Axel Dörner (Trumpet), Zoran Terzic (Piano)

Fr 28.Juni 20.30h – Concert Impro
Rudi Mahall (Bass Clarinet), Aki Takase (Piano)

Sa 29.Juni 20.30h – Concert Impro
Michelle Yom (Flutes), Achim Kauffman (Piano)
Emilio Cordoa (Vibraphone), Olie Brice (Double Bass)