Fr 2. März 20.30h – Concert Impro
D U E – v i e r d u o k o n z e r t e
Thomas Lehn (Analogue Synthesizer)
Clayton Thomas (Double Bass)

Sa 3. März 20.30h – Poetry Music Performance
Missus K. (Trumpet), Talis Mortalis (Guitar, Bassdrum)
Laurin (Clarinet, Piano, Percussions) Inga (Saw), D. Necchi (Vocals)

Di 6. März 20.30h
Solétudes is the musical interpretation of the universe of the object book TRES. It is a game in which the musicians have to follow the graphic signs of the map/score and interpret them so that these sounds, in their turn, make it possible to open up the scenes of the book with other eyes. Sound and Sign are one.
Object-book, concept en score: Fiona Kelly en Igor Souza.


VERONICA MOTA (Cubop) & JON EVANS (Last Dominion Lost).
Improvisation with analogue synths, samples and electro-acoustics.

SVRIL – Australia
JOHN MURPHY (ex SPK, Lustmord, Current 93)
Dark ambient improvisation with percussion & analogue electronics.


Mi 7. März 20.30h – Concert Impro
Andrea Sanzvela (Viola), Achim Kaufmann (Piano)
Antonio Borghini (Double Bass)

Do 8. März 20.30h – Concert Impro
Chino Shuichi (Piano), Tristan Honsinger (Cello)
Kita Naoki (Violin)

Fr 9. März 20.30h – Concert Impro
D U E – v i e r d u o k o n z e r t e
Adachi Tomomi (Electronics, Vocals)
Alessandro Bosetti (Electronics, Vocals)

Sa 10. März 20.30h – Concert Impro

Mi 14. März 20.30h
– Concert Impro
Rudi Mahall (Bass Clarinet), Andreas Lang (Double Bass)
Philipp Gropper (Sax), Kasper Tom (Drums)

Do 15. März 20.30h – Concert Impro
Klaus Janek (Doulble Bass), Nils Ostendorf (Trumpet)
+ Guests

Fr 16. März 20.30h – Concert

Sa 17. März 20.30h – Concert Impro
D U E – v i e r d u o k o n z e r t e
Phil Minton (Vocals)
Tristan Honsinger (Cello)

Mi 21. März 20.30h – Concert Impro
Toyoyoy SOLO (Toypiano, Electronics)
Laurent Bruttin (Clarinet), Morten J. Olsen (Percussion),
Nils Ostendorf (Trumpet), Mike Majkowski (Double Bass)

Do 22. März 20.30h – Concert Impro
Mikaele Pellegrino (Guitar) Klaus Kürvers (Double Bass)
Els Vandeweyer (Percussions, Vibraphone)

Fr 23. März 20.30h – Concert Jazz
Soon Kim (Alto sax, band leader), Akira Ando (Acoustic bass)
Michael Tuttle (Acoustic bass), Hiroki Mano (Tap dancing)
Milk tower
O.C Blues

More Infos:

Sa 24. März 20.30h – Concert Impro
D U E – v i e r d u o k o n z e r t e
Mat Pogo (Vocals, Cd-player)
Ignaz Schick (Motors, Objects, Electronics)

So 25. März 20.30h – Concert Impro
“Eins Zwei Hoch Null
Hui-Chun Lin (Taiwan) – Cello, Max Loeb (Colombia) – Elektrische Gitarre,
Peter Kuhnsch (Germany) – Perkussion

Di 27.März 20.30h – Concert Impro
Reverendo Man Manly
(Voice, Prepared sounds effects, Electromagnetic currents)

Kerta von Kubin (Electric guitar)
Bacchus Blake (Synthesizer)

Mi 28. März 20.30h – Concert Jazz
Dario Sisera (Drums), Franz Hellmüller (Guitar),
Carles Perris (Sax, Flute), Luca Sisera (Bass)

Do 29. März 20.30h – Concert Impro
Matthias Müller (Trombone) / Ricardo Tejero (Saxophone)
Paul Hubweber (Trombone) / Klaus Kürvers (Double Bass)

Fr 30. März 20.30h – Concert Impro
Chris Lyons (Guitar, Laptop Livecoding/live remixing, Table-top guitar
self-designed instrument)
Nadav Masel (Bass), Micah Brashear (Bass)