Weisestr. 24
12049 Berlin-Neukölln
U8 Boddinstr. – Leinestr.


Three days Workshop of Music with Tristan Honsinger
14 – 15 – 16 Juli 2011 / 15.00 – 18.00 h

“I am your guide to investigate the possibilities of improvisation in a group using strategies such us using text and musical and visual signs to discover the importance of the individual and his or her way to become part of ensemble work in the many approches to become one in sound silence and movement.

This music workshop is open to any level of competence just as long as you are coming to experience the unknown throught your openess to what is within and what is outside.”

Vibration. Concentration. Awareness. Humility. Compassion

Thank you
Tristan Honsinger

Time duration: 3 hours each day
Limit of ten people or less
Cost: €45

Infos: +4917669338064
marcvanderkemp (at) googlemail (dot) com


Fr 1. Juli – 20.30h – Concert Lounge Wizards “jazz&more”
Rainer Theobald, sax / Roberto Badoglio, bass /
Sveinbjörm Klütsch, guitar / Johannes Gebauer, drums

Sa 2. Juli – 20.30h – Concert Impro Jazz
Giorgio Pacoring, piano / Antonio Borghini, bass / Max Andrzejewski, schlagzeug

So 3. Juli – 20.00h “Certain Sundays” at salon at Sowieso
(In Kooperation mit Jour fixe der Berliner Geselischaft fur Neue Musik)
Jean Léon Pallandre / Marc Pichelin / Laurent Sassi
Drei Wege Berlin

Mi 6. Juli – 20.30h
– Concert Impro Jazz
Jan Roder, bass / Tobias Delius, sax, clarinette / Rui Faustino, drums

Do 7. Juli – 20.30h Concert Impro Jazz
Anna Kaluza, alto, sax / Ricardo Tejero, tenor, sax, clarinette /
Jan Roder, bass / Nico Meinhold, piano

Fr 8. Juli – 20.30h – Concert Sing a Song Writing
Daniel Gilt /danielgilt

Sa 9. Juli – 20.30h – Concert
Dear Frontier (New Zealand)

Mi 13. Juli – 20.30h – Concert Jazz
Cristian Pabst Trio

Do 14. Juli – 20.30h – Concert Jazz
David Riaño

Fr 15. Juli – 20.30h – Concert
Black Mistake (Acoustic Folk)

Sa 16. Juli – 20.30h – Concert
Heniu (Alternative/Indie/Jazz)

Mi 20. Juli – 20.30h – Concert Jazz
Kirby Orchestra

Do 21. Juli – 20.30h – Concert
Daniela & Ben Spector (Electronic/Indie/Folk)

Sa 23. Juli – 20.30h
– Concert Impro
Tristan Honsinger: cello
Naoki Kita: violin (from Japan)
Chino Shuichi: piano

Mi 27. Juli – 20.30h – Concert Impro
Joe Straub: guitar
Joanna Borchert: piano
Chris Heenan: contrabass clarinet
Jonas Kocher: accordion

Do 28. Juli – 20.30h
– Concert
Snooze-On (Jazz/Indie/Rock)

Fr 29. Juli – 20.30h – Concert Alternative/Electro/Jazz
Marcus Pesonen: guitar
Wanja Slavin: saxophone, clarinet
Marc Lohr: drums, electronics

Sa 30. Juli – 20.30h – Concert Impro
Mike Edgerton: voice
Matthias Bauer: double bass
Axel Dörner: trumpet